About Snæfellsjökull

December 8, 2015



The Glacier…

… is 1446 metres (over 4800 feet) above sea level and one of the world’s best-known glaciers.

Besides its singular beauty, it boasts a tremendous energy level. Many people, all around the world, claim it to be one of the earth’s seven energy centers.
It has been a prominent theme of authors and inspired the composition of impressive works of literature. Worthy of mention is the story written by Nobel-prize winning author Halldór Laxness, “Christianity Under the Glacier,” which descibes the special way of living here in the past. Also, the well-known story, “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” by French author, Jules Verne, describes the glacier as the entry used by his characters to travel to the center of the earth


The Excursion

The snow cats that are used for the tour are specially equipped so that the travelers can enjoy the views along the way. For further information please email us at info@theglacier.is or call us at  +354 865 0061


Meeting point is at Stóri-Kambur which is 8 km east of Arnastapi. GPS coordinates: N64°49’15” – W023°33’21” 

From here there is a vast and incredible panorama: Hellissandur, Rif, the wide bay Breiðafjörður, and as far as the West fjords (Látrabjarg cliffs). The mountain’s rugged terrain is also impressive, as is the view south encompassing all of the gulf of Faxaflóa, to Reykjavík and even beyond to Keflavík.

These are always fascinating excursions, but it is important for travellers to realise that views from the glacier are naturally dependent upon local wheather conditions at the given moment.